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All the Instruments on these pages have been inspected and/or tuned by myself prior to being listed. Almost without exception the price quoted is equal to or very slightly above the lower end of my valuation range. Consequently, whilst you are free to offer less than the asking price (Buyers deal directly with the Seller) don't be surprised if there is little room for negotiation.

When contacting the seller please be sure to mention either myself (Nigel Morton) or PIANOFINDERSOUTHWALES. Buyers are responsible for their own removal costs. 

I am constantly updating the site contents but regretfully cannot be held responsible if it turns out that a listed instrument is no longer 'For Sale'; to this end I would appreciate your feedback. @  nigelmorton@pianofindersouthwales.co.uk                                                                                                                   


REID SOHN  Upright  Model  RS-042.  Despite its German sounding name this is a Korean made Samick. Being the smallest of the ReidSohn range - (H: 108cms W: 146cms D: 56cms) but boasting a German scaling by the eminent designer Klaus Fenner. Having been little used since its manufacture in 1983 , the action and keys are in A1 condition and combine to produce a well balanced and responsive touch. The satin finished natural beech casework is highly attractive and would be "showroom condition" were it not for a very small (easily hideable) chip on the treble cheek and the brassleaf letter H(of Sohn) having been rather amateurishly re-glued.(easily rectifiable). Recently tuned to A438Hz.

PRICE:  795

LOCATION:     Penarth   Vale of Glamorgan.   

CONTACT:      07811 180963           02920 704702               eddy.williams123@btinternet.com




BECHSTEIN  Upright .  An 1878 straight strung under damper having a 3/4 iron frame. Though practically a semi-tone down in pitch, this piano plays and sounds remarkably well considering its age. The Burl Walnut cabinet with a High gloss French finish,  mounted on safety castors, still looks impressive and measures H: 130cms  W:156cms  D:67cms.

2018-03-18-PHOTO-00000042.jpg (77855 bytes)   

   LOCATION:     Dinas Powis,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

   CONTACT:      07765 513424


WITTON & WITTON Upright.  This good quality 85 note British over-strung (c. 1925) has been languishing unplayed in a closed down church for the last few years. Structurally sound , with a full bodied tone the pitch has not dropped from A.440 - due to the slightly damp atmosphere which has also caused the mechanism to become a little "heavy". If allowed to "dry out" slowly and then tuned back up to A.440Hz(100) the piano should then perform as well as any other of similar age. A few of the keys are chipped, a bass bi-chord string is missing (replaceable but not essential) and the cabinet H:120cms W:148cms D: 63cms ,not quite as dark as the photo suggests, by no means imacculate!

P1060737.JPG (594854 bytes) P1060738.JPG (326917 bytes)

LOCATION:     Barry,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

CONTACT:      01446 406690

0 - 300

SPENCER  Upright. This British made compact over strung was bought new in 1933 by the current owner's parents. It has since been well used and equally well maintained over the passing years. Recently  tuned to A.440Hz, i can confirm that strings, pins, soundboard and bridges are all structurally sound and that the action&keys are working well. (though a minor running repair will soon be required to re-center a couple of hammers). The med mahogany cabinet (H: 113cms D: 62cms W: 147cms) is in reasonable condition for its age and appears more than usually "petite" due to the castors having been removed!! Asking price allows for both the cost of castors/repairs AND the need for a quick sale.

PRICE:  295

P1060745.JPG (4478644 bytes) P1060746.JPG (4138985 bytes)

LOCATION:     Sully,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

   CONTACT:      07977 641626

BLUTHNER  Upright No: 59969 . This over-strung , manufactured in 1902 has an over damper action , which, because its a Bluthner and its had new damper felts actually performs as well as (if not better than) an English under damper of this period! The original strings & pins are still good and combine with the recently overhauled action to produce a  rich tone with a responsive even touch. Currently @ A.430 Hz it will require a double tuning to restore the pitch and because the cabinet - H:130cms W:154cms D:69cms is by no means immaculate this quality instrument is offered at the reduced - - - - - - - -

PRICE:  300

P1060741.JPG (332825 bytes)  P1060742.JPG (539765 bytes)  P1060743.JPG (364932 bytes)

LOCATION:     Pontcanna   Cardiff.   

CONTACT:      07946 492818

300- 600 

BECHSTEIN  Upright .   An opportunity to purchase a "pedigree" piano dressed as a "mongrel" together with a piece of history. This Model 9 (no serial no. remains) dates from approx. 1930 and was "Anglicised" by Albert Shaw - a dealer in the owners home town of Elland - for political reasons prior to WW 2. The action, keys, soundboard, strings & frame are all original and in good condition for their age - tuning pins still good and tight and holding up to pitch. Sadly the ivories have been replaced with one-piece key tops( one or two now chipped) and the cabinet - H: 130cms(large castors) W: 150cms D: 59cms - slightly modified and cheaply re-polished.

PRICE:  350

Photo 09-02-2018, 11 28 45.jpg (350751 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 11 29 49.jpg (184991 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 11 31 35.jpg (217407 bytes)

LOCATION:     Penarth,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

CONTACT:      029  20711826

HOPKINSON Upright. A compact 85 note model manufactured in the late 30's by this under-rated British maker and extensively re-felted and overhauled (by myself) over 20 years ago. It is therefore in excellent mechanical condition (having been little played since). Structurally all is good and as it should be - the consistently light touch producing a surprisingly "big" sound. The case-work however is beginning to show its age but is still largely quite presentable and measures; H: 118cms  W: 148cms  D: 60cms.  Tuned very recently a 1/2tone below Concert ( so a double tuning will be needed if A.440 is required)

PRICE:  350

Photo 09-02-2018, 12 52 08.jpg (327619 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 12 53 18.jpg (293987 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 12 53 50.jpg (325533 bytes)

LOCATION:     St Andrews Major,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

CONTACT:      07816 914333

BLUTHNER Upright. No. 89257. This over-damper over-strung manufactured in 1913 is unusually well preserved. The ivory keys (88 notes), handsome walnut French-polished casework and original candlestick sconces being in exceptional condition. Little is known of it's history - the seller only became it's owner through a recent house move - but having just tuned it (currently A.430Hz) i can confirm that it has been little played of late. The pin-block, bridges and soundboard are all good and the original strings have lost very little of their classic "Bluthner" sound. The over damper action still performs extremely well , and could be further improved with a simple service but buyers should be aware that by design the damping, even on this top quality action, will always be less effective than that of more modern under-damper mechanisms. Cabinet measures H: 130cms  W: 156cms D: 69cms.

PRICE:  475.00

P1060707.JPG (297340 bytes) P1060708.JPG (161935 bytes) P1060709.JPG (157790 bytes)

LOCATION:     Heath,  Cardiff.    

CONTACT:      07830  187202

BERRY Upright  No: 28657. This impressive looking over strung dates from the mid  to late 20's, but having been extensively reconditioned in the mid 80's, appears to be much younger - an otherwise highly sympathetic cabinet modernisation has left the instrument "nameless". Mechanically all is well and despite having only a 3/4 Iron frame, the piano holds up to pitch extremely well. At  125cms this model would have been the "flagship" for this fairly modest British maker. (other dimensions-  D: 63cms  W: 150cms). Discerning pianists might detect a couple of "tired" bass strings - if need be these could be replaced for the cost of a tuning.

PRICE:  600

P1060700.JPG (219185 bytes)P1060701.JPG (255297 bytes)P1060703.JPG (127130 bytes)

LOCATION:     Penarth  Vale of Glamorgan    

CONTACT:      02920  707813      

CHALLEN  Upright No:  61064. This 7 octave manufactured in 1937, dates from the makers best period and apart from having had an action overhaul approximately 30 years ago is otherwise all original. The distinctive casework with its sloping bottom door and rounded shoulders is in reasonable condition for its age but has some crazed veneer on bass cheek as well as a few "scuffs" on the front rail. Structurally all is as it should be , tight tuning pins and a full bodied well-balanced sound across the compass. The action & keys still have an even and surprisingly light touch.

PRICE:  550

P1060704.JPG (235900 bytes) P1060705.JPG (162765 bytes) P1060706.JPG (191230 bytes)click to enlarge

LOCATION:   Penarth.   Vale of Glamorgan   

CONTACT:      02920  702833          jeffguppy@hotmail.com

600 - 1200

STECK  4' 6" Grand. Serial No: 20254. This 88 note model, manufactured c.1905, boasts a roller action with "new" hammer and damper felts- these were replaced along with a good number of key felts as part of a restoration job (some 25 + years ago) which included re-polishing the mahogany casework. Having lain un-tuned and un-played for several years , i was only able to set the pitch @ A 435 and ensure free movement of the action parts. I would advise potential buyers to allow for an additional 2-3hrs of regulating (dampers & hammers) as well as a further pitch raising.

PRICE:  650

P1060716.JPG (182573 bytes) P1060717.JPG (194605 bytes) P1060718.JPG (160383 bytes)

LOCATION:     Cyncoed,  Cardiff.    

CONTACT       07957 141566      

 1200 - 2500



 2500 - 5000

       Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have regarding the above.


Nothing here to suit your requirements? Do visit again soon as I am constantly updating the site, and in the mean time if you come across an instrument that you think might, then I will be happy to carry out an inspection for you and provide you with a brief report as to condition and value. {see Valuations & Inspections  WHAT I DO }