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All the Instruments on these pages have been inspected and/or tuned by myself prior to being listed. Almost without exception the price quoted is equal to or very slightly above the lower end of my valuation range. Consequently, whilst you are free to offer less than the asking price (Buyers deal directly with the Seller) don't be surprised if there is little room for negotiation.

When contacting the seller please be sure to mention either myself (Nigel Morton) or PIANOFINDERSOUTHWALES. Buyers are responsible for their own removal costs. 

I am constantly updating the site contents but regretfully cannot be held responsible if it turns out that a listed instrument is no longer 'For Sale'; to this end I would appreciate your feedback. @  nigelmorton@pianofindersouthwales.co.uk                                                                                                                   


CRANES  Upright.   SU-105.  This over-strung , under-damper , HHE 00046 was manufactured by Samick of Korea in 1988 and bought new by the present owner from the Cardiff dealership. Regularly tuned up until 2020 every thing about this 88 note instrument is in excellent condition. The satin finished plum mahogany cabinet measures H: 105cms  W: 148cms  D: 52cms. Little used but much loved by the seller, who, faced with downsizing is more concerned with finding it a good home than she is with "getting her money back".

PRICE:  800

LOCATION:     Llanbradach.   Caerphilly

CONTACT:      07879  658010




SPENCER Upright No: 92954.  This over-strung under-damper manufactured around 1940 would have been one of the last to come out of this excellent London maker's factory. It is testimony to the quality of construction, nothing having been replaced, that it still plays as well as it does. That said it has, as a family instrument, been much used and so allowances should be made both for the considerable wear and tear to the action and, having  lain un-tuned for many years, it sounding horrendously out of tune and a semi-tone flat. Structurally all is well; and the cabinet H: 110cms  W: 133cms  D: 55cms and 85 key-tops in acceptable condition. Would require approx. 150 expenditure to restore pitch, regulate and tune to A.440.

PRICE:  100

LOCATION:     Miskin.  Pontyclun 

CONTACT:      01443  520526


0 - 300

BLUTHNER  Upright No: 59969 . This over-strung , manufactured in 1902 has an over damper action , which, because its a Bluthner and its had new damper felts actually performs as well as (if not better than) an English under damper of this period! The original strings & pins are still good and combine with the recently overhauled action to produce a  rich tone with a responsive even touch. Currently @ A.430 Hz it will require a double tuning to restore the pitch and because the cabinet - H:130cms W:154cms D:69cms is by no means immaculate this quality instrument is offered at the reduced - - - - - - - -

PRICE:  250 (reduced)

P1060741.JPG (332825 bytes)  P1060742.JPG (539765 bytes)  P1060743.JPG (364932 bytes)

LOCATION:     Pontcanna   Cardiff.   

CONTACT:      07946 492818

CHALLEN  4ft 6" Baby Grand.  Serial No: 44740. Manufactured in their London factory in 1930 this superb looking classic, finished in a satin mahogany  boasts a Schwander/Brooks roller action and an 88 note keyboard . Mechanically all is in reasonably good condition for its age, the action & keys having been overhauled when the cabinet was re-polished back in the early eighties . Having been both well used and regularly maintained since then up until 2017, the piano has subsequently become little used and so , whilst still playing acceptably well could now benefit from tuning and a little TLC.

   PRICE:    300

LOCATION:   Penarth    Vale of Glamorgan  

CONTACT:    07775 551362    

300- 600 

STEINWEG  Grand.  6ft  10"  An opportunity to acquire a piece of piano history - c.1880 this instrument was manufactured in the Braunschweig factory built in 1830 by one Heinrich Steinweg , who 30 years later settled in New York as Henry Steinway and founded the firm of that name. Sadly, for purists anyway, the original turned legs were replaced with square-tapered ones when, along with an extensive mechanical rebuild the cabinet was re-polished in the early 1960's. Consequently however the action and keys still combine to produce a satisfactory playing experience - all be it slightly compromised by some "clicks & rattles" (from the action parts that were NOT replaced) - with as you would expect an impressive bass. Tuned to A.440 and regularly maintained as a teaching instrument , a sale is required in order to "downsize".

PRICE :  350

LOCATION:    Roath Park    Cardiff

CONTACT:   07989 976767   

HOPKINSON Upright. A compact 85 note model manufactured in the late 30's by this under-rated British maker and extensively re-felted and overhauled (by myself) over 20 years ago. It is therefore in excellent mechanical condition (having been little played since). Structurally all is good and as it should be - the consistently light touch producing a surprisingly "big" sound. The case-work however is beginning to show its age but is still largely quite presentable and measures; H: 118cms  W: 148cms  D: 60cms.  Tuned very recently a 1/2tone below Concert ( so a double tuning will be needed if A.440 is required)

PRICE:  350

Photo 09-02-2018, 12 52 08.jpg (327619 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 12 53 18.jpg (293987 bytes) Photo 09-02-2018, 12 53 50.jpg (325533 bytes)

LOCATION:     St Andrews Major,  Vale of Glamorgan.    

CONTACT:      07816 914333

600 - 1200


 1200 - 2500

KNIGHT  K10  Upright  No:  64505 .  An immaculate example of this highly sought after British classic. Manufactured in 1982 and bought new by the present owner from Gamlins in 1984 .  The light mahogany casework while still in showroom condition  has already acquired a rich patina ,adding warmth to the satin finish. Having been little used yet regularly tuned the action and keys show absolutely  no signs of wear and tear whatsoever and combine, still perfectly regulated, to give the player full access to the unlimited tonal possibilities that make up the  "Knight" sound. Recently tuned to A 440Hz , the seller now sadly no longer physically able to play, is keen to pass this instrument on for a younger generation to enjoy . Dimensions are  H: 112cms   W: 143cms  D: 55cms.

PRICE:  1500


LOCATION:     Sully   Vale of Glamorgan.   

CONTACT:      02920  530400

BLUTHNER  Upright:  117140   Manufactured in Leipzig during 1933 at what is now considered the heyday of European piano construction, this 7 octave straight strung , under damper was re-polished and given a complete mechanical rebuild by Geoffrey Winter immediately prior to being purchased by the current owner in the mid 80's. The quality of this instrument is highlighted both by it's rich singing tone (far superior to that of most British over strungs) seamlessly graded throughout the compass and by the evenness, ease and sensitivity of it's touch. Recently tuned to to A 440Hz I can confirm and advise that  a) the original tuning pins are satisfactorily tight in it's current location but would advise some precautionary measures if moved to a less humid centrally heated environment and b) while the original strings have lost none of their tone , a couple of the bass bi-chords have recently been replaced. The still highly presentable cabinet is finished in a satin medium "fiddleback" mahogany and measures v. approx:  H: 115cms  W: 146cms  D: 63cms.

PRICE:  1500  (reduced)

LOCATION:     Newport   Gwent   

CONTACT:      01633 668949

KAWAI  CX-5H  Upright No.  2381584. Manufactured at the Hamamatsu factory of this top Japanese maker in 2000. The  5H being slightly taller than the 5 this 112 cm model is the perfect balance between compact design and depth of tone. This particular one was purchased from Coach House Pianos and has been regularly tuned ever since, and is now for sale due to an imminent house move. Width 150cms: Depth  53cms.

PRICE :  2,000

LOCATION:     Llandough  Penarth.   

CONTACT:      07974 923209

 2500 - 5000

       Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries you may have regarding the above.


Nothing here to suit your requirements? Do visit again soon as I am constantly updating the site, and in the mean time if you come across an instrument that you think might, then I will be happy to carry out an inspection for you and provide you with a brief report as to condition and value. {see Valuations & Inspections  WHAT I DO }