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WHAT   I   DO 



My basic Tuning Fee is currently 65.00 (small excess mileage charge applicable if outside the Cardiff, Barry, Penarth area) . The instrument will be tuned to A.440Hz , provided the required pitch move is less than 1.5Hz(6 cents being the maximum raise possible before the tuning becomes unstable), the pedals will be adjusted and any essential regulation carried out. A slightly larger pitch move(6 to15 cents) can usually be achieved for 80 - 85 as this requires a second "pass" to stabilise the treble section.

PITCH RAISING  An operation involving tuning the instrument twice is the preferred, and certainly the most cost-effective option for large pitch moves (anywhere between 12 and 200 cents). There is actually no limit to how far the pitch can be raised, provided all is structurally sound -  I often raise the pitch of old pianos by as much as 2 notes [200 cents]. The two tunings should be carried out as close together as possible because after the first one [tuned slightly above pitch to allow for it dropping] the intervals in the treble will be very "rough"! The cost of this operation is that of a double tuning plus any strings should you be unlucky enough to lose any!    



I offer a complete maintenance service .

Regulation: The precise adjustment of Touch, Repetition. Escapement & Blow -  spacing of Hammers. Levers and Dampers and adjusting the exact point of Damper lift, in order to maximize the evenness efficiency and performance of the mechanism. Hammer Refacing &Voicing/Toning: The removal of the string cuts in the Hammer Felt  and necessary reshaping together with needling the felt in such a way as to restore an evenness of tone throughout the compass and the dynamic range; and Valeting: Thorough cleaning out of action, keyboard. key-frame & carcass( including washing grand soundboards) often combined with cleaning & dry lubricating/reburnishing  all points of contact within the action in order to reduce friction and remove squeaks.




 I can undertake any repair work necessary to Action, Keys, Strings, Tuning-pins, Bridges and Pedals  "In Situe" or, where appropriate, have the workshop facilities to carry out restoration work to Actions & Keys.                         



   I am happy to provide written valuations for Insurance purposes (25) or verbal ones for those thinking of selling (20) {refundable if sold through website} Likewise , following the inspection of a potential purchase, I can provide a written report on condition inc. a price suggestion (25) or a verbal summary & price suggestion (20) - {refundable if Tuning/Repair work in excess of 100 follows}. 


PIANO TROLLEY available to borrow.

Whilst i no longer get involved personally in piano moving, i am happy to lend my piano trolley (together with a few tips on how to use it) to anyone who can make use of it - typically to manage a "room to room" DIY piano move.